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Folding treadmills

Folding treadmills are ideal for places with space restrictions; this is because they can be stowed away easily after every workout or ease transportation from one point to another.

This makes folding treadmills unique compared to other treadmills as not all are created equal.

Make sure that you choose the one that fits your space and gives you a walking satisfaction. There is plenty of folding treadmills with high quality either automatic or manual in the market. The only thing to do is to know what you look for. One of the components of motorized piece of exercise equipments is the motor. In case the motor of the folding treadmill is not strong, then the machine will not be able to work for a long period of time, hence requiring a frequent maintenance.


Best folding treadmills will probably have two horsepower of continuous duty for proper workout.

This will ensure you many years of moderate and heavy services.

For larger individuals or those who run freely, it is important to look for folding treadmills that has wider running surfaces.

The twenty inch belt will be ideal as it offers a plenty room for the exercise. But for smaller individuals, a smaller footprint will be fine. The seventeen or eighteen inches will be fine because they can offer you enough room for your exercises. The simple thing about them is only the matter of preferences, so it is you to either choose from automatic or manual folding treadmill that you feel comfortable with.

Best folding treadmills comes from the best manufacturer always, so make sure that you choose a well known brand with a history of building machines of high quality.

You can choose from automatic or manual folding treadmill.

This is a personal choice and one can find a lot of high quality models in all categories but automatic tend to be more expensive than manual because of their extra functions. The good thing about folding treadmills is that both of the models are easy to work with and can be operated by anybody.

Other factors to consider before purchasing your folding treadmills include;

  • Costs – The cost is one of the factors one should take into consideration whether purchasing a folding treadmill or not. Definitely you need to take into consideration the cost of the machine as most of the machines with high quality tend to be higher than low quality machines. In case you plan to do a lot of jogging and running on the treadmill, you will likely pay some extra amount to make your purchase.
  • Usability of the machine – Another factor to put into consideration is the usability of the machine. Think about how easy the machine can be used mostly when folding and unfolding. Ensure that the folding treadmill you purchase has hydraulics for easy use. It should also be lightweight for easy maneuver and four wheels for easy movements.
  • Stability – Stability is another potential factor to consider before purchasing your folding treadmills. Some of the machines with low quality don’t rest smoothly when put on ground, therefore making your workout difficult, ineffective and dangerous. Go for folding treadmills with proper stability to have quality workouts.
  • Extras – Consider some extras such as heart rate monitor, inclines, present programs, remote controls, hand rails, speeds and many others before purchasing your folding treadmills. Every optional feature will automatically add some value into your requirements. It is therefore good to know all these things before making your purchase.

Some of the best folding treadmills in the market are;

Smooth 6.75

This is the new model in the market that is designed for running, walking and jogging.

The machine has a 3.0HP motor that don’t make any noise. Its length is 60 with a dual-stage soft drop that makes it to fold and store easily. The machine also has the deluxe system meant for mp3 player and iPods inputs. This type of folding treadmill is not heavy and can be easily moved around.

Update: Now replaced by the new and improved Smooth Fitness™ 800 Treadmill model:

Xterra TR350

Mostly used by athletes because of its running surface of 20 by 58 with 2.5HP that allows you to jog, walk or run at higher speed.

It also has a cooling fan with connections situated at the handlebars along with the speaker and audio players. The machine also contains a blue LCD with a six two user sets and the heart controlled programs. One can go up to 10kmph speed. This type of folding treadmills has lifetime warranty on the deck, motor and flame. It weighs 325Ibs and it can be folded and stored any time.

Bowflex series 7

The machine is light when compared with other machines. It weighs around 185 pounds and has a soft drop technology, with a length of 83 by 35 and soft deck with quick function button for quick adjustment. It also has strong design with good warranty.

Sole F85 treadmill

The equipment is equipped with numerous features that make it great for indoor exercise. It folds up in order to give enough space for other activities in the room.

Update: Sole Fitness has released a new 2016 model of the F85 treadmill.

As you look for proper folding treadmills, you should then consider the above features so that you can get what satisfies you. Some of the advantages of folding treadmills include;

  • Maintenance is much easier compared to other treadmills
  • The equipment is easier to move
  • It takes less space.