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2023 New website:

Have you noticed that we have a new website for JavaGirl, and it comes with a completely new look? With this we have made our biggest investment ever since the website started almost 10 yeas ago.

Not since 2014 have we made any real major changes to our website, but more then just adjustments and additions. But with the advance of all technology today, our site needed a proper update – in terms of search, appearance, adaptation to different devices and much more.

Big change on the website. The most obvious and obvious change is of course the look, everything has become brighter and easier to read and understand. But there have also been lots of other good things happening on our site. For example, the website is now 100% responsive, which means it automatically adapts to different screens, so you get a great experience whether you’re sitting in front of a PC or looking at it on your mobile.

The site also has an improved search function, faster response time, more readable text, clearer features and an updated shop.


Winter 2021 news: No updates atm. ///Java Girl


Old items:

Fall 2017 has arrived, and passed, and I’m in the process of redesigning my website (again)!

Yes, my developer finally did it! What? I have asked him to switch my site to HTTPS everywhere. Now my site is running SSL/TLS, and the only way you can access my site is through a secure encrypted web browser connection. If your browser supports https (it should!) your privacy is preserved – awesome!

And, I have a new Twitter account! 🙂

I have decided that I am going to really try to learn how to use sole Twitter. I’ve had an account since day one but probably logged into it about 10 times. I had tons of followers but I didn’t know any of them! I just tried to go and add people to start following and got seriously confused. Then I was like….I’LL JUST START A NEW ONE!.

So, yeah, like, add me and all that shizz. Thanks! And keep running on that treadmill girls! 🙂

Shanon J. Sproul